Turbo Turbocharger compatible for Audi A4 A6 compatible for Skoda Superb compatible for VW Passat 1.9D 2.0D AVF AWX TDI

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Compatible for Audi A4 1.9 d 130HP 2000-2004 AVF, AWF, AWX, BPW, 8E2, 8E5, B6, TDI, 16V, for Quattro
Compatible for Audi A4 2.0 d 136-140HP 2004-2009 BLB, BPW, 8EC, 8ED, 8H7, 8HE, B6, B7, TDI, 16V, for Quattro
Compatible for Audi A6 1.9 d 130HP 2000-2004 AVF, AWX, 4B, C5, TDI
Compatible for Audi A6 2.0 d 136-140HP 2004-2008 BLB, BPW, 4F2, C6, TDI
Compatible for VW Passat 1.9 d 130HP 2000-2008 AVF, AWX, 3B3, 3B6, TDI
Compatible for VW Passat 2.0 d 136HP 2000-2005 BLB, BPW, 3B3, 3B6, TDI
Compatible for Skoda Superb 1.9 d 130HP 2001-2008 AVF, AWX, 3U4, TDI
Compatible for Skoda Superb 2.0 d 140HP 2001-2008 AVF, AWX, 3U4, TDI

Turbo Model: GT1749V
Condition:100% Brand New
Warranty: one year warranty
Accessories: You will get exactly as shown in the picture above

Turbo Interchange Part Number
712077-0001, 712077-5001S, 716215-0001, 716215-5001S
717858-0001, 717858-0002, 717858-0003, 717858-0004
717858-0005, 717858-0006, 717858-0007,717858-0008,717858-0009
717858-5001S, 717858-5002S, 717858-5003S, 717858-5004S
717858-5005S, 717858-5006S, 717858-5007S, 717858-5008S
717858-5009S, 717858-1, 717858-2, 717858-3, 717858-4
38145702,038145702E, 038145702EX,038145702EV
038145702EV110, 038145702G, 038145702GX,038145702GV
038145702GV105, 038145702GV500, 038145702GV505 038145702GV550
038145702N, 038145702NX, 038145702NV, 038145702J, 038145702JX


1. OEM-quality and size with little modification
2. Turbine housing uses cast iron withstand temperatures up to 700
3. Steel Turbine Wheel made from the special K418 alloy to achieve high oxidation resistance and stability under high temperatures up to 900
4. Cast aluminium blades with good gas tightness and corrosion resistance
5. The volute is made of nodular cast iron, which can withstand 700 degrees high temperature, and its tensile strength is as high as 450MPa.
This Turbocharger you will receive has been balanced using the VSR machine technology.

* Please confirm your old turbo part number matches up with one of the part numbers above
* Professional installation is highly recommended (No Instruction Included)
* For any needs please contact us