Timing Belt Fit 92-02 Ford Probe Mazda MX3 626 MX6 1.8 2.5 DOHC K8 KL 24V

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Timing Belt Fit 92-02 Ford Probe Mazda MX3 626 MX6 1.8 2.5 DOHC K8 KL 24V. Located in the engine compartment behind the drive belts, the timing belt keeps the crankshaft in sync with the camshaft(s), essentially ensuring the proper timing and operation of the engine and its valves. When replacing a timing belt, also replace tensioner, and pulleys. Failure of pulleys and tensioners, after replacing only the belt, can cause valve or piston damage and lead to more expensive repairs. Additionally, timing belt driven water pumps should also be replaced at the same time as the timing belt. Operated by the drive belt, the water pump's core function is to allow coolant to flow into the engine continually. Together, these three components: timing belt, tensioners and pulleys, and the water pump are essential to the overall health of your engine. Ignoring the replacement of a timing belt as a part of scheduled maintenance could result in major engine failure down the road. Be sure to use our aftermarket replacement timing belt when the timing belt is serviced for the best performance.

Fits Following Models:
1992-1994 MAZDA MX3 ES GS 1.8L 1845CC V6 DOHC, (24 VALVE), ENG CODE "K8"
1993-1997 FORD PROBE 2.5L 2497CC V6 DOHC, (24 VALVE), ENG CODE "KL"
1993-2002 MAZDA 626 2.5L 2497CC V6 DOHC, (24 VALVE), ENG CODE "KL"
1993-1997 MAZDA MX6 2.5L 2497CC V6 DOHC, (24 VALVE), ENG CODE "KL"
1995-2002 MAZDA MILLENIA 2.5L 2497CC V6 DOHC, (24 VALVE), ENG CODE "KL"

This item includes:

1 Mitsuboshi Timing Belt (192 teeth) (Mitsuboshi - OE Supplier for HONDA / SUBARU)
Mitsuboshi Established in 1974, Mitsuboshi Belting Ltd (MBL - USA) Corporation has enjoyed continuous growth through the years. This growth and increasing demand for MBL (USA) quality products provided the base for construction of the Illinois Manufacturing Plant which began production in March, 1988. Mitsuboshi was established as a manufacturer of automotive, industrial belts and through untiring efforts, has become one of the leading companies in the belt industry. Mitsuboshi manufactured all types of V-Belts, V-Ribbed belts and TIming Belt for both original quipment and service parts in the automotive industry. OEM customers include: Honda, Nissan, Subaru and Toyota. Mitsuboshi is proud to provide innovative belting solutions for these manufacturers, and we back our products with unparalleled service and support. Our belts help achieve a quieter engine, a longer period between belt replacement, and an optimum efficiency of power transmission to help our client's cars go farther for less.