Thermal Turbo Blanket Heat Wrap Subaru WRX STI Legacy Forester EJ25 VF22 VF42 US

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Thermal Blankets will improve response while lowering engine temperatures.
Thermal Blankets insulate the exhaust from losing critical heat, which in turn maintains the velocity of the exhaust gases.
Improve power and protect vital under hood components from heat damage with this easy-to-install turbo blanket kit.


The Turbo Thermal Blanket for fits snugly around the turbine housing of your turbo to keep nearly all radiant heat away from your intercooler, intake and other engine components. The Turbo blanket features 3-layer construction. Including an outer cover made from Silicone Impregnated Fiberglass (rated to 500F continuous), an inner layer made of Calcium Magnesium Silicate Insulation (rated to 2000F continuous) and Silica (rated to 1800F Continuous) insulation used to contain the inner layer.

1x High-Heat Thermal Turbo Blanket
2 x Mounting Springs