Street K04 015 Billet Compressor Wheel Turbo charger Upgraded compatible for Audi A4 Quattro A6 compatible for VW Passat 1.8T 1999

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We know you want to be the best both on the track and off. Whether you're a
diehard racer or just looking to boost your daily driver's performance,
Maxpeedingrods K04 015 upgraded turbo turbocharger has what you need. The K04
turbocharger features a larger compressor and turbine wheel which provides for
increased horsepower and torque over factory. Flows more volume and sustains
higher boost pressures than the standard K03.


Suitable for daily street use and junior track use.

Compatible for Audi A4 A6 Quattro compatible for VW PASSAT 1.8T
Compatible for Audi A4 1.8T AEB/ANB/APU/AWT20v/AVJ 1995 - 1999
Compatible for Audi A4 Quattro 1.8T AEB/ANB/APU/AWT/AVJ/BEX 1999 -
Compatible for Audi A4 Upgrade 1.8T 1995 -
Compatible for Audi A6 1.8T AEB/ANB/APU/AWT 1997 - 1999
Compatible for Audi A6 Quattro 1.8T AEB/ANB/APU/AWT 1999 -
Compatible for VW Passat 1.8T AEB/ANB/APU/AWT 1999 -
Compatible for VW Passat 1.8T upgrade 1999 -

Turbo Part Number & OEM Number

53049880015, 53049700015,
53039880005, 53039700005,
53039880029, 53039700029,
53039880025, 53039700025,
53039880073, 53039700073,
058145703L, 058145703LX, 058145703LV,
058145703J, 058145703JX, 058145703JV,
058145703E, 058145703H, 06A145703B,
058145703N, 058145703K, 078145703B,
If you are not sure fitment for your old turbo , please let us know this
information :
1 . The OEM code information from your original turbo nameplate
2 . The Engine code & KW , HP , Year for your car
3 . The Photos of your complete turbo
4 . Please note that the registration number cannot identify your turbocharger


Turbo model: K04, K04-0015
Engien code: AEB/ANB/APU/AWT20v/AVJ
Cooling Type:Water Cooled
Bearing Type: Floating Bearing
Hosepower: Up to 250HP
Thrust bearings: 270 Degrees
Condition: Brand New
Warranty: one year warranty for any manufacturing defect
Accessories: You will get exactly as shown in the picture above


(1)Street-performance upgraded turbocharger with higher performance than the
normal version:Flows more volume and sustains higher boost pressures than the
standard K03.
(2)Capable of performance increase from 150 to 250hp with computer reflash and
(3)Silicon-Molybdenum turbine housing with high-temperature resistance 850
degree Celsius.
(4)Turbine Wheel uses the special K419 alloy to achieve stability under high
temperatures up to 1000 degrees Celsius.
(5) Compressor wheel/blades:
\- Aluminum blades with precision machining forging. The light weight design
enables reduced noise and increased response without compromising comfort or
longevity, so the spool time is very short, the delay is small, and the
linearity is great.
\- The impeller is colored by five-axis milling, the shape of the blade is
more perfect, and the precision is higher.
(6)100% BALANCING TEST: This Turbocharger you will receive has been balanced
using the VSR machine technology.


About the color of the turbine compressor shell impeller: We will ship gold and silver at random, thank you
Please check the Turbo Model, Turbo Part Number and OEM Part Number on your original Turbo to make sure this turbo is the correct one for your engine. If you need assistance finding the correct turbo for your car, please feel free to contact us.
Professional installation is highly recommended (No Instructions are Included)