Set of 2 For 2003-2006 Hyundai-Santa Fe Front 2PCS Struts with Coil Springs Kits

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Product Specifics
Brand: ECCPP
UPC: Does not apply
Fitment Type: Direct Replacement
Manufacturer Part Number: E11839501CP
Adjustable: No
Greasable or Sealed: Sealed
Placement on Vehicle: Front+Left+Right
Quantity: 2 pieces
Part Type: Complete Strut Assembly
Platform: Universal
Interchange Part Number: 271436,271435,Full strut assembly,Driver Side Passenger side
Superseded Part Number: 2 Piece Set Complete Strut Assembly New Ready to Install
Included Hardware: None
OE Spec or Performance: OE Spec
Surface Finish: Powder Coat
Custom Bundle: Yes
Kit Parts Included: Shock Aborber,Boot,Bumper Kit,Spring Seat,Coil Spring,Isolator
Gas Charged Shock: Yes
Product Type: Complete Struts Assembly with Coil Spring
Modified Item: No
Size: Single Dimension(CM) 74.00(length)*46.80(width)*25.30(height)
Single Weight(KG): 25.73
Extended Length (in.): 23.010
Compressed Length (in.): 16.420
Recommended replacement cycle
Since the average annual distance of the car is 20,000 kilometers, and the shock absorber needs to be replaced in pairs, the replacement frequency is obtained every 4 years. In fact, the replacement frequency will vary depending on the car condition, road condition and shock absorber manufacturer.When driving a certain number of kilometers, we should take corresponding measures to ensure our driving safety.

20.000km: Please check your shock absorber

80.000km: Need to replace your shock absorber

100.000km: Please replace your shock absorber as soon as possible

The following methods can be used to check whether the shock absorber works well
1. Under normal circumstances, oil leakage in the shock absorber means that there is a problem with your shock absorber. You should repair it at this time to avoid abnormal operation of the shock absorber.

2. Press the bumper firmly, and then release it. If the car jumps 2 or 3 times, it means that the shock absorber is working well.

3. When the car is driving slowly and braking urgently, if the car vibrates violently, it means there is a problem with the shock absorber.

4. The car stops after driving 10km on the road with poor road conditions and touches the outer shell with your hands. If the temperature is not high enough, it means that there is no resistance inside the shock absorber and the shock absorber does not work.

At this time you should know if it is time to replace the shock absorber.

Frequently Asked Questions
1.What shocks and struts do?

They keep the tires from bouncing which causes loss of road contact and they also keep the vehicle body weight from shifting and rolling which causes a loss of vehicle control and handling. You could say that their main job is to resist both tire and vehicle body motion. When shocks and struts are working well, the vehicle maintains traction on the road and has the optimum stability in every driving condition: stopping, turning, swerving, over bumps and potholes.

2.Can I Drive With a Broken Strut?

A strut is a suspension component that dampens an automobile's movements and prevents it from bouncing on its springs. Struts are often expensive to replace, but driving on a broken strut is not a good idea.

3.Can worn shocks or struts cause my new tires to wear unevenly?

Absolutely: shocks and struts provide damping force to control tire movement. When the tires move excessively, they develop a “cupping” wear pattern that damages the tire.

Other factors such as incorrect air pressure, worn suspension components or improperly aligned steering also causes uneven tire wear.

4.Shall we choose to replace the normal shock absorber or the direct shock absorber assembly?

From the perspective of the difficulty of replacement, it is difficult to replace an independent shock absorber, requires professional equipment and technicians, and has a high risk factor.

From the price point of view, the individual parts of the shock absorber kit are expensive to replace, while the shock absorber assembly contains all the parts of the shock absorber system, which is cheaper than replacing all the parts of the shock absorber.

5.What are the benefits after replacing the shock absorber?

Buffer conveys shock to drivers and passengers in order to improve ride comfort and reduce fatigue.

Extend body life, prevent spring damage and improve braking effect.

Suppressing the rapid vibration of the wheels while driving, preventing the tires from leaving the road surface and improving the driving stability.

Improving driving stability and adjustability, effectively conveying engine deflagration pressure to the ground, so as to save fuel costs.

6.What happens if I do not replace worn out shocks and struts?

Tires will wear out prematurely, the vehicle becomes more difficult to stop, steer and maintain tire contact with the road. The vehicle will be difficult to control and unpleasant to drive. The ability of the driver to make emergency maneuvers and stops is compromised.

7.Why should I buy a complete strut assembly instead of replacing the bare strut only?

The complete strut assembly includes a new spring, strut mount, dust bellows, and bump stop. It is about 50% faster and much safer to install a complete strut assembly compared to a bare strut. Generally, a new strut mount, dust bellows, and bumper are needed with the bare strut replacement. So, the complete strut assembly saves time, is cheaper than the bare strut plus purchasing the replacement strut mount kit and is much safer to install.

8.Why should I replace complete strut assembly in PAIR?

It is generally recommended to replace shocks and struts in pairs for the front or rear of the vehicle.This practice ensures that the repair schedule for the left and ride sides are harmonized.

Precautions for replacing the shock absorber
1. When installing a new shock absorber, you should pay attention to whether the model matches, please pay attention to the matching model list before purchasing, and confirm whether the left and right are correct.

2. Check the quality status of the new shock absorber, such as whether there is oil leakage in the appearance, etc., pay special attention to the surface of the piston not to be bumped.

3. Professional tools must be used during installation, and the shock absorber must not be forcibly installed.

4. Pay attention to whether the installation position between the shock absorber and the body and the car is correct.

5. During the assembly process, be sure to protect the surface of the piston rod, and avoid using tools to pull the piston rod or bump or scratch the piston rod, otherwise the shock absorber will leak oil.

6. All nuts should be new and tightened according to the specified parameters of the vehicle to ensure that the tightening torque of the connection part meets the specified parameters of the vehicle.

7. When tightening the nuts of the connecting part, it should be carried out in the natural state of the tire and meet the specified parameters of the vehicle