Repair Bracket Intake Manifold For VW Audi Skoda Seat P2015 2.0TDI 03L129711AG

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Repair Bracket Intake Manifold For VW Audi Skoda Seat 2.0TDI 03L129711AG P2015

Product Description

Manufacturer Part Number 03L129711AG
Other Part Number 03L129086, 03L129711AG
Warranty 3 Year
Type Bracket

Repair kit suitable for all VAG 2.0 TDI CR engines from 2008 - 2014 with black plastic manifold OEM No. 03L129711AG

and actuator motor No. 03L129086

Fix your TDI CR Diesel P2015 fault code now and save yourself money. You can install our set in 15 minutes with simple tools.

The repair kit may also clear your P2004, P2009, P2016 and P2017 TDI error codes.

The repair kit is suitable for plastic manifold with actuator motor 03L129086.

Including full bracket, gasket and screws, fit for VW / Audi / Skoda vehicle models.

Manufacturing from high quality aluminum alloy, ultra durable and corrosion resistant.

CAAB 2.0 102 HP

CAGA 2.0 143 HP

CAGB 2.0 136 HP

CAGC 2.0 120 HP

CAHA 2.0 170 HP

CAHB 2.0 163 HP

CBAA 2.0 136 HP

CBAB 2.0 140 HP

CBAC 2.0 143 HP

CBBB 2.0 170 HP

CBDA 2.0 136 HP

CBDB 2.0 140 HP

CBDC 2.0 110 HP

CEGA 2.0 170 HP

CJAA 2.0 140 HP

CMEA 2.0 143 HP