Power Brake Booster For TOYOTA TACOMA 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 44610-04040

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Item Type: Condition: Brand New

Basic structure of brake booster


3.Return spring

4.Push rod of master cylinder

5.control valve


7.Drive rod



10.Master cylinder

11.Reaction disk

12.Anterior chamber

13.Posterior chamber

14.Holding spring

The brake booster uses vacuum power that the engine generates to give a power assist to the braking system. However, the brake booster is not a serviceable unit. If the booster fails, then the old booster has to be removed from the truck so that it can be replaced.A high-quality brake booster makes your driving safer, easier and more reliable.We will provide good customer service, Our products will be the best choice for your car!

Easy installation/Stable characteristics/high reliability.

Surface Finish: Coating

Product Specifics
Brand: ECCPP
Manufacturer Part Number: ECC16507001PP
Suitable for: Disc+Drum
Fitment Type: Direct Replacement
Mounting Hardware Included: Yes
Finish: Coating
Modified Item: No
Package size: 9.6"(Length)*10"(Width)*9.8(Height)
Product Packing Weight: 7.9 lb
Brake Booster Style: Vacuum
Part Type: Power Brake Booster
Quantity: 1 x Brake Booster
Color: black
Material: Metal
Handling Time: 3 Day
Placement on Vehicle: Rear Front
OE Spec or Performance/Custom: OE Spec
Important Notice: Professional installation required
Product Condition: New
Note: No Instruction Included
Other Part Number: 44610-04040
Interchange Part Number: 44610-04040
Superseded Part Number: 44610-04040
Part Number: 44610-04040
Length: 9.6"
width: 10"
height: 9.8"
weight: 7.9 lb
Installation Tips
Only simple steps are provided here, please refer to professional installation for details.

Please double confirm the compatibility as well as the OEM number before purchasing.

Contact us please for whatever we can help.

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Step 1

Replace old rotor with new rotor,and replace the old brake pad clips, located on the caliper mounting bracket, with new ones.

Step 2

Put the caliper mounting bracket back on the car. Remember to put the bolts and mount back in the original position they were removed from. There is no torque spec for this component but it should not move at all. Tighten until the component is stable on the car.

Step 3

With the brake pad clips installed, insert the new brake pads into the specific location which the old ones were removed from.

Step 4

Untie the caliper from the coil spring and set aside the wire. Using the C-clamp, compress the piston all the way down.Put the caliper back on the caliper mounting bracket using the socket set and the caliper bolts. The caliper should be secured to the mounting bracket.

Step 5

Replace the wheel and put the lug nuts on the studs to hand tight.And Torque the lug nuts to the dealer specified torque spec using the torque wrench.

Step 1

Slide the replacement booster into the firewall, then crawl under the dash and bolt it in place, using the 3/8-inch ratchet and socket.

Step 2

Reconnect the pedal linkage to the booster, using the factory clips.

Go under the hood and slide the master cylinder onto the mounts on the booster and bolt it in place, using an open-end wrench. Plug the vacuum line back in place with a firm push.

Install a Brake Booster For Toyota

Step 1

Using the socket ended crossbar or the socket set, take off the lug nuts and the wheel.Be careful not to let the brake caliper fall off its mount.

Step 2

Remove the caliper mounting bolts using the socket set. After the bolts have been removed, tie the caliper to the coil spring making sure the hydraulic line stays attached to the caliper. Take notice of where the bolts are removed from.

Step 3

Remove the brake pads and the brake pad clips from the caliper mounting bracket.Remove the caliper mounting bracket bolts using the socket set. Take notice of which holes the bolts come out of.Remove the rotor from the wheel studs.

Install a Brake Booster For GMC
Step 1

Pop the hood. Slide the brake booster into the firewall so the vacuum port is located on the top passenger side corner of the booster. Plug the vacuum line and check valve into the vacuum port on the booster with your hands.

Step 2

Look under the dash. Secure the booster to the GMC with the 3/8-inch ratchet and socket. Put the brake booster linkage onto the brake booster with your hands. Install the brake switch onto the end of the pedal, then install the factory clip onto the brake pedal to lock it in place.

Step 3

Slide the master cylinder onto the brake booster. Bolt it down with an open-end wrench. Start the GMC and test the brake pedal to make sure it works correctly.

Install a Brake Booster For Ford

Step 1

Crawl underneath the dashboard and follow the brake pedal up under the dash until it connects with the brake booster. Disconnect the clip that connects the booster to the pedal, and then slide the booster linkage off of the pedal assembly.

Step 2

Peel back the firewall padding, and then use the 3/8-inch ratchet, extension and sockets to unbolt the brake booster from the firewall. You may need a 3/8-inch universal joint to access some of the bolts.

Step 3

Pop the hood and unbolt the master cylinder from the brake booster, using an open-end wrench. Pull off the vacuum line from the booster, then pull the master cylinder away from the booster, and let it hang off the brake lines.

Pull the brake booster off of the firewall and place it to the side.

Install a Brake Booster For Chevy
Step 1

Pop the hood. Locate the brake booster on the driver's side of the truck. It is a 1-foot-wide circular piece with the brake master cylinder bolted to the front of it. Pull the vacuum line off of the brake booster with your hands. Then unbolt the master cylinder from the brake booster using an open-end wrench. Do not pull the master cylinder off of the brake booster yet.

Step 2

Crawl under the dash. Use the flashlight to locate the clip that secures the brake pedal to the brake booster linkage. Remove the clip using the flat head screwdriver and pull the booster linkage off of the pedal. Unbolt the brake booster from the firewall using the 3/8-inch ratchet, extension and sockets, and if necessary, use a universal joint to access the bolts with the ratchet.

Step 3

Pull the master cylinder off of the brake booster with your hands, while pulling the brake booster off of the firewall. Remove the gasket as well. Install a new gasket onto the back of the replacement brake booster, then slide the booster onto the firewall. Slide the master cylinder onto the brake booster and loosely install the nuts on the master cylinder with your hands.

Go under the dash and connect the brake booster linkage from the replacement brake booster to the brake pedal using the original clip. Then bolt the brake booster to the firewall using the ratchet. tighten down the bolts between the master cylinder and the brake booster using the open-end wrench, and push the vacuum line back

Package Include:sInstall Hardware/1 x Power Brake Booster