Main Bearings Set for 90-97 Acura Honda 2.2L 2.3 F22A1 F22A4 F22B1 F22B6 F22A1

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Main Bearings Set Fits 90-97 Acura Honda 2.2L 2.3 F22A1 F22A4 F22B1 F22B6 F22A1. The crankshaft, connecting rods and bearings are extremely important in every engine build, because they convert the reciprocating motion of the pistons into rotational torque. The longer the stroke, the greater the leverage effect and the greater the torque output of the engine. Time will come that your engine bearings will wear out. Always remember, when your engine bearings fail, a replacement bearings should immediately be installed. Be sure to have your crankshaft bearings replace with our aftermarket main bearings as soon as it starts to give you trouble.

Fits Following Engines:H23A1, H22A4, F22B2, F22B6, F22B1, F22A1, F22A4

This item includes:

1 Main Bearing Set (STD - Standard Size)