Light Green BA9S LED Instrument Panel Light Bulb 1-5050-SMD 12V Fit 1991-1996 Ford Escort/1997-1999 Audi A8

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Light Green BA9S LED Instrument Panel Light Bulb 1-5050-SMD 12V Fit for 1991-1996 Ford Escort/1997-1999 Audi A8
The BA9S LED bulbs are suitable for dashboard indicator lights, clock lights, ignition lights, indicator lights, instrument panel bulbs, side lights, and corner lights. Light up your nighttime driving and ensure your driving safety in a darker environment.

CCIYU focuses on providing customers with LED lighting for automobiles. We have a wide variety of indoor bulbs,with bulbs of various sizes,shapes and amperage to meet the requirements of indoor lighting, and the OE bulbs we replace have high-quality illuminance and durability.

400% Brighter than Halogen Lamp.
Ultra Bright LED, unique and more vivid color.
Easy installation, just plug & play.
Low Power Consumption and Low Temperature.

1.Since the nature of the item being offered might fit a large variety of different vehicle and function. Please make sure this is the correct application type of bulb before placing order.

2.If the LED does not light up, simply Rotating it 180 degrees (reverse the polarity).

3.If you have any questions, please contact us for more details.

Product Specifics
Brand: CCIYU
Commodity Weight: 19.8 g
Product Size: 0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 cm
Color:Light Green
Model: 990387-5210-1339572
Manufacturer Part Number: 990387
OEM Part Number: 1895 1895A 1445 17053 53 53X, 53 53X 57 216 293 363 3886X
Position: Right
Folding: ?Not
Bulb Type: LED
Cross reference: Cross reference/compatible bulb models: 1815, 1816, 182, 1889, 1891, 1892, 1893, 1895, 1445, 17053, 53, 53X, 57, 216, 293, 363, 3886X, 3893. , 6253, 64111, 64113, 64115, 756.
Application: Ash Tray Light Bulb, Automatic Transmission Indicator Light Bulb, Check Engine Light Bulb, Clock Light, Courtesy Light Bulb, Dome Light Bulb, Engine Compartment Light Bulb, Glove Box Light Bulb, High Beam Indicator Light Bulb, Hot Engine Indicator Light Bulb, Ignition Light, Instrument Panel Light Bulb, Map Light Bulb, Parking Brake Indicator Light Bulb, Radio Dial Light, Radio Display Light Bulb, Reading Light Bulb Rear, Trunk or Cargo Area Light, Turn Signal Indicator Light Bulb, Vanity Mirror Light Bulb