K Series Honda EP3 Civic Type R K20 K24 5/6 LSD Conversion Grip Kit Differential

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Once installed, drivers will notice an immediate difference, as the limited slip differential (LSD) automatically biases the torque across the axle to the wheel with the most grip. Unwanted wheel spin and slip are greatly reduced, resulting in less under-steer on front wheel drive machines.On front wheel drive cars the limited slip differential also delivers significant performance benefits during heavy braking. In this situation the LSD’s inherent torque transfer characteristics work in reverse to transfer torque away from the locking wheel. This enhances deceleration, delaying the intrusion of electronic ABS systems and allowing drivers to brake later and deeper with the LSD than is possible with a standard ‘open’ differential unit.

• Safe, progressive and seamless in action

• Controlled power is transmitted to all driven wheels, to maximize traction and minimize wheel spin, particularly in slippery conditions

• Fitment greatly reduces unwanted torque steer, under-steer

• Designed to work in harmony with road car electronic stability and traction control programs

• Improves braking performance on front wheel drive cars by reducing lock up and minimizing ABS intrusion due to torque transfer action

• Reduces tire wear, especially on front wheel drive cars

DIMENSIONS: 23mm (Height) x 69mm (Length) x 47mm (Width) Diameter: 29mm


Since the max diameter is 29mm; modifications may require filing or grinding down on gears; for some models. Some models require use of a 40mm bearing if the stock is 35mm. Professional installation is recommended.

Link for DIY Installation: youtube.com/watch?v=M-zc1wTJo04