Industrial Argon Regulator Flowmeter Gauges for MIG and TIG Welders Newest

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Gas : - for Argon and Argon/CO2 mix (NOT SUITABLE FOR PURE CO2 OR PUB GAS BOTTLES)

(Note: Only suit for CGA580,thread size24.2mm argon bottles, not suit for G5/8 22.9mm argon bottles )


- Gas pressure regulator for use with bottles of Argon and Argon/CO2 mix when MIG/TIG welding

- Fully adjustable dual gauge to measure pressure and flow

- Type of carbon dioxide gas mixture CO2 / argon-argon-helium balloons

- Input pressure 0-315 bar

- Threaded OD 24.2mm

- Outlet [tube diameter] 6mm (1/8 "inner thread)

- Suitable for gas bottles up to 230bar (23 MPa)

- Max. rated flow: 20 liters / minute(42.40 cf/h)

- Inlet type: CGA580

- Inlet mode: Rear entry

- Outlet size: 8mm OD

- Material: Brass / Copper

- Inbuilt impurity filter on inlet connector

- Dial diameter: 5cm

- Plexiglass dial dual two pressure gauges with protective film


-Plexiglass dial dual two pressure gauges, perfect visible and durable,can provide clear scale and accurate reading

-Transparent protective film on the dial, prevent the dial from scratching the numbers

-Copper material can prevent leaks better

-Big handle switch button, easy to use

-Top quality copper filter for air inlet to filter impurities.

-Condition: 100% brand new

-Warranty: one year


- No instruction included; Professional installation is highly recommended.

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