Front Lower Ball Joint with Wheel Hub Bearing For 2000 2001 2002 Ford Excursion

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Product Specifics
Brand: ECCPP
UPC: Does not apply
Manufacturer Part Number: EC82411801
Placement on Vehicle: Front+Lower+Upper
Universal Fitment: No
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Years
Features: Greasable
Items Included: Mounting Hardware
Performance Part: No
Type: Ball Joint Kit
Interchange Part Number: 515020,K8607T,K80026
OE/OEM Part Number: pressing ball joint replacement car
Superseded Part Number: wheel hub bearings assembly
Cotter Pin Hole: Yes
Material: Alloy Steel
Mounting Style: Bolt-On
Ball Joint Replacement Guideline
If there is a knocking or clunking noise in the area of the front axle when the car is traveling over road bumps, potholes or curbs, then there is usually a defect in a component of the wheel suspension.


The side of the front axle from which the (vibration) noise is emanating can already be determined during a test drive. The type of noise also already provides certain indications for maintenance regarding which components might be faulty.


1.Raise the vehicle and remove the front wheels.

2.To loosen the fastening screws and fixing nuts of the compression ball joint more easily, spray them with rust remover and allow to act for a few minutes.


3.Loosen the fastening screws of the broken ball joint on the control arm and remove the nuts.


4.Loosen and remove the fixing nut of the ball joint on the steering knuckle.

Tip:If the ball stud rotates, hold the ball stud in place with a hexagon socket.


5.Remove the bad or worn ball joint from the control arm.

6.Loosen the compression ball joint on the steering knuckle using a suitable special tool.


7.Clean the cone connection.

Tip:For better sealing and durability of the ball joint sleeve, a little silicone grease can be applied to the contact surface.


8.Insert new compression ball joint in the control arm and steering knuckle and tighten with new fixing nuts.

9.Reinstall front wheels. Lower the vehicle and tighten the wheel studs to the tightening torque specified by the vehicle manufacturer.

10.Measure the chassis and adjust it using the various holes on the compression ball joint if necessary.

11.Finally, carry out a test drive.

(1).Please check the Compatible Fitment Chart above before payment making sure all the suspension parts listed on this page are compatible with your automobile.

(2).Although some parts have grease fittings, other parts are factory sealed, but do not affect the fit and quality of the parts.

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Frequently Asked Questions
(1).How will I know that I have to renew my ball joint parts? Or replace them?

If your ball joint fails, you will listen to a strange sound while driving. And that sound may help you to realize that your ball joint has failed and you have to renew them.

(2).What happens if a ball joint breaks?

When a ball joint breaks, you will hear a mysterious noise inside your car wheel.

Your car tire will wear-out since your alignment will be broken, and you will feel the car getting out of control.

If the ball joint breaks completely, it can be separated, and things can turn sour quickly. The wheel will stop being nice and can even steer you off the road. It can be serious.

Broken ball joints will seriously affect the steering and suspension. It can even result in your wheel falling off the car.

(3).Are worn ball joints dangerous?

Yes, it can be quite dangerous. Because, a worn ball joint causes suspension damage, inspection failure, and breakage of related parts.

It might make your front suspension come apart while driving, so the wheels move in whatever direction inertia takes them. That can lead to a fatal accident.

(4).What happens if I don't replace ball joints?

If you don't want to replace your ball joints, then get ready to experience some serious issues. The old ball joints cause mysterious clunking noise or drifting steering. Once they are worn-out, it will seriously affect your steering and suspension. However, you do not need to change the ball joints if it is new.

(5).Do I need to grease new ball joints?

I would say it will be a wise decision if you grease your new ball joints. At least I will always grease a new one after the installation. Greasing a new ball joint will make it stronger and extend its lifetime because there is a minimal amount of grease inside. I suggest you do so after the first installation. Follow the instruction card.

Package Includes
2x Wheel Hub Bearing -515020

2x Front Lower Ball Joint -K8607T

2x Front Upper Ball Joint -K80026