For Car Motorcycle Boat SUV RV 12V 115DB Electric Bull Air Horn With Pull Lever

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Horn install


Once you have found a clear space in the engine compartment to attach the horn, mark the three holes using the horn?? bracket and drill. Do not attach the horn to any plastic or other flexible material as the bracket serves as the ground connection.

With the provided hardware for mounting, firmly tighten the horn to the vehicle.

Product Specifics
Brand: ECCPP
Manufacturer Part Number: ECC16730401PP
Type: Horn
Horn Type: Electric
Features: Quick Release
Fitment Type: Direct Replacement
Mounting Hardware Included: Yes
Quantity: 1
Custom Bundle: No
Modified Item: No
Kit or Single Part: Kit
Interchange Part Number: Electric Horn
Other Part Number: SUV Boat Motorcycle Truck Car Boat Horn
Superseded Part Number: Bull Horn
Horn Volt: DC 12V
Color: Red
Surface Finish: Smooth
Material: Metal
Weight: 3.7 lb
Package Size: 8.27"x7.68"x5.51"
DB Output: 115 DB
Bull Sound Horn with Pull Lever (Red)
Size: 200(H)?140(dia)mm
Volt: DC 12V
Current: 2.0A
Impedance: 8?
Power: 50W
Sound Level: 115dB
Frequency: 420Hz
Warranty: 1 Year
Working temperature: -40~80 (
Make sure the installation surface were the horn?? bracket makes contact with your vehicle is a metal free of paint and rust.


Find a proper location near the driver seat and install the pull control lever using two self-tapping screws (not provided).

Run the pull control wire trough the dashboard to the engine compartment and connect the wire to the switch lever on the horn. Do not bend or twist the wire during this process.


Place the control lever in the stand-by position.

Release lever clamp screw, pull out the wire tube and cut it to a suitable length. (Do not detach the wire from the control lever).

Install the tube again and affix the lever clamp screw.

Tighten the horn clamp screws, keeping the wire a length of four centimeters past the end of the tube.

Affix the end of the wire to the switch lever and tighten the horn clamp screws again.


Release the horn clamp screws and move it upwards for higher volume. When the desired volume is reached, tighten the horn clamp screws again.


Using a 20A inline fuse (not provided), connect the positive wire (RED/WHITE) to the (+) 12-volt positive power source of your vehicle, such as, the battery, alternator, accessories, etc.

If the horn's bracket was not grounded during the mounting process, find a 16 gauge electric wire and attach it to one of the mounting bracket screws. Make sure to tighten the screw with the stripped wire end to the surface. Connect the other stripped end of the electric wire to any metal surface on your vehicle that is clean of paint and rust.

This powerful super loud horn produces a raging bull sound. The sound is controlled by the lever, just like on a big rig. By moving the level up or down you can control the sound for any period of time you like it to sound. Made of rugged metal and strong durable plastic for maximum strength and durability. Installs easily in any 12 volt vehicle with a single wire hookup.


Avoid dismantling this horn?? electrical elements.

Avoid setting up any parts of the horn where there is a risk of falling off or risk of coming in contact with water.

Avoid reaching out to touch or pick up any fallen or water submerged parts.

Set the horn up for use only in areas with adequate ventilation.

Avoid sounding the air horn when in close range to your ear(s) or the ear(s) of others.

Make sure your battery ground is detached before getting your installation started.

Employ equipment for eye protection during drilling operations.