For Boat Train Car Semi Truck Air Horn Compressor Kit 12V Single Trumpet Black

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Horn Installation


Identify a suitable area for mounting, preferably an unobstructed sheet-metal surface like the frame or body of the vehicle so as to provide a firm platform which will help protect the horn from damage due to excessive shaking. Do not attach the horn to any plastic or other flexible material.

Using the bracket as a guide estimate and mark the positions for the holes and then perforate to size using a drill.

Use the provided mounting hardware to fasten the horn.


The ideal location for the compressor to be installed is a dry area inside your engine compartment where it will be safe from exhaust and engine manifold heat.

To make the compressor firm and secure, drill a hole of 3/16". IMPORTANT: The compressor must be mounted vertically (with air exhaust port facing downward).

Install the bolt?? head into the compressor housing?? slot. Tighten the compressor firmly to the vehicle with the provided lock washer and nut.


Connect one side of the airline to the compressor?? air exhaust port and the other side to the trumpet's barbed fitting.

Do not make any sharp bends or kinks in the tubing which could alter the sound of the horn or even restrict airflow.

Product Specifics
Brand: ECCPP
Manufacturer Part Number: ECC16729001PP
Type: Horn
Horn Type: High Pressure Air
Features: Quick Release
Fitment Type: Direct Replacement
Mounting Hardware Included: Yes
Quantity: 1
Custom Bundle: No
Modified Item: No
Kit or Single Part: Kit
Interchange Part Number: Air Horn
Other Part Number: SUV Boat Motorcycle Truck Car Boat Horn
Installation location : Can be mounted on roof, or under the hood
Trumpet Size: 19??L x 2-11/16??Dia(48x7cm)
Package Size
The Horn is the perfect addition to 12V vehicles

Airlines are sometimes already pre-installed. In such situation, ensure that they are inserted entirely into the fittings on the trumpet and compressor.


For vehicles with a two-terminal factory horn, transfer the wires to the compressor?? terminals. If the horn doesn?? sound even if the compressor motor turns on, simply reverse the wires.

For vehicles with one-terminal factory horns, make sure you transfer the wire to the compressor?? positive (+) terminal. The negative (-) terminal uses a 16-gauge wire or heavier to connect to ground.


In a dry location, install the relay provided making sure that terminals face downwards near the horn.

Using a 16-gauge wire or heavier, connect PIN 87 of the relay to the positive (+) terminal of the compressor.

Connect PIN 85 of the relay to the horn button (not provided). The other horn button terminal is attached to any rust and paint free metal to ground. Connect using an 18-gauge wire or heavier.

Connect PIN 30 and 86 of the relay to the battery, alternator or other positive (+) of 12-volts. Make sure the wire used is a 16-gauge wire or heavier. Use a 20A fuse (not provided) to protect the electrical circuit.?

This black color, single trumpet horn, will produce a strong power driven sound. The trumpet is made of a light and durable ABS material while the base is made of metal for a strong support. The system includes one maintenance free heavy duty 12 volt air compressor, hose, relay and mounting hardware. The perfect compact solution to enjoy a loud horn sound on all vehicles with a 12V system.


Make sure you set up in areas with good ventilation.

Never sound the air horn anywhere near your ear(s) or that of another person.

Make sure your battery ground is detached before getting your installation started.

Employ equipment for eye protection during drilling operations.

The specific voltage requirement for this horn kit is 12 volt DC, therefore installation must be done to a DC power source of 12 volts.

Make sure you never attempt to disassemble this horn kit?? electrical components.

Never use your bare hands to any part of the compressor immediately after or during use.

Avoid operating this product in an area with risk of falling or submergence into a liquid (water).

Do not reach out for or touch any component that has fallen or been submerged into water.