Dent Puller Slide Hammer 13 lbs Auto Body Repair Bearing Axle Remover Tool Cover

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To remove dents for auto body without extracting the inside panel and


Package Includes:
Slide Hammer
Rubber Cover
6 Pc Hasp Iron
Long Tube Hasp Iron
Cast Iron Hammer
Hex Nut
Right Angle Flat Steel
Circular Pipe
Hex Taping Adaptor
Hex Taping Screw Holder
Tapping Screw
Connector Hasp Iron
Double Barreled Connector
Carry compatible for Case

\- Slide Weight: 13 lbs
\- Slide Pole Length: 24"
\- Slide Pole Diameter: 1"
\- Long shaft allows powerful pulling force in hard-to- dented areas
\- Can work on most cars and trucks
\- Can easily pull dented/creased sheet metals back into place
\- Can easily pull bushings/seals/sleeves/bearings/dents/pressed-in bolts


Compatible for Case Color: Random Shipped
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