Compressor Air Conditioning For VW GOLF PASSAT for AUDI A4 for BMW 5K0 – Dynamic Performance Tuning

Compressor Air Conditioning For VW GOLF PASSAT for AUDI A4 for BMW 5K0820803A

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Motor: 1.2 TFSI/1.4 TFSI/1.6/1.6 FSI /1.6 TDI/1.8 TFSI/1.9 TDI/2.0 FSI /2.0 TDI/2.0 TFSI/3.2/S3/quattro
2011-2017 for Audi A1 8X1
2011-2017 for Audi A1 Sportback 8XA
2003-2012 for Audi A3 8P1
2003-2012 for Audi A3 8P1
2008-2013 for Audi A3 Cabriolet 8P7
2004-2013 for Audi A3 Sportback 8PA
Motor:1.6/1.8 T /1.8 TFSI/1.8 T quattro /2.0 /2.0 TDI /2.0 TDI quattro/2.0 FSI /2.0 TTS quattro/2.0 TFSI quattro/2.0 TFSI 16V/2.4 /3.0 /3.0 quattro /3.2 V6 quattro
2000-2004 for Audi A4 8E2 B6
1997-2001 for Audi A4 Avant 8D5 B5
2000-2004 for Audi A4 Avant 8E5 B6
2002-2009 for Audi A4 Cabriolet 8H7 B6 8HE B7
2001-2005 for Audi A6 4B C5
2001-2005 for Audi A6 Avant 4B C5
2011-2017 for Audi Q3 8U
2004-2014 for Audi TT 8J3
2007-2014 for Audi TT Roadster 8J9
Motor:1.4 TSI /1.4 16V/1.6 /1.8 TFSI /1.9 TDI /2.0 TDI /2.0 TSI /2.0 FSI /2.0 TFSI /2.0 TDI 16V/2.0 TDI 4x4 /2.0 TFSI 4x4
2015-2016 for Seat Alhambra 710
2004-2017 for Seat Altea 5P1
2006-2017 for Seat Altea XL 5P5 5P8
2008-2010 for Seat Ibiza V 6J5
2008-2017 for Seat Ibiza V Sportcoupe 6J1
2012-2017 for Seat Ibiza V for ST 6J8
2005-2012 for Seat Leon 1P1
2004-2009 for Seat Toledo III 5P2
Motor: 1.2 TSI/1.4 /1.6/1.6 TDI/1.6 TDI 4x4/1.6 FSI /1.6 LPG /1.6 MultiFuel /1.8 TSI /1.8 TSI 4x4/1.9 TDI/1.9 TDI 4x4/2.0 FSI/2.0 FSI 4x4/2.0 RS
2004-2013 for Skoda OCTAVIA Combi (1Z5)
2004-2013 for Skoda Octavia 1Z3
2008-2015 for Skoda SUPERB II (3T4)
2009-2015 for Skoda SUPERB II Kombi (3T5)
2009-2017 for Skoda YETI (5L)
Motor: 1.2 TSI//1.4/1.4 TSI/1.4 16V/1.6/1.6 FSI/1.6 BiFuel/1.6 TDI/1.8 TSI/1.9 TDI/1.9 TDI 4motion
2.0 TSI/2.0 SDI/2.0 FSI/2.0 EcoFuel/2.0 TDI 4motion/2.0 TDI 16V/2.0 TDI 16V 4motion
2.0 R 4motion/2.0 FSI 4motion/3.2 R32 4motion
2004-2010 for VW CADDY III Kombi
2004-2010 for VW CADDY III Kasten
2006-2010 for VW EOS (1F7 1F8)
2003-2008 for VW GOLF V (1K1)
2007-2009 for VW GOLF V Variant (1K5)
2008-2012 for VW GOLF VI (5K1)
2010-2013 for VW GOLF VI Variant (AJ5)
2011-2017 for VW BEETLE (5C1 5C2)
2010-2015 for VW CADDY III Kasten (2KA 2KH 2CA 2CH)
2004-2015 for VW CADDY III Kombi (2KB 2KJ 2CB 2CJ)
2006-2013 for VW CRAFTER 30-35 Bus (2E_)
2006-2013 for VW CRAFTER 30-50 Kasten (2E_)
2006-2013 for VW CRAFTER 30-50 Pritsche/Fahrgestell (2F_)
2006-2013 for VW GOLF PLUS (5M1 521)
2005-2013 for VW GOLF VI Cabriolet (517)
2005-2010 for VW JETTA III (1K2)
2010-2017 for VW JETTA IV (162 163)
2010-2014 for VW PASSAT (362)
2005-2010 for VW PASSAT (3C2)
2008-2012 for VW PASSAT CC (357)
2010-2014 for VW PASSAT Variant (365)
2005-2011 for VW PASSAT Variant (3C5)
2008-2017 for VW SCIROCCO (137 138)
2010-2017 for VW SHARAN (7N1 7N2)
2007-2017 for VW TIGUAN (5N_)
2003-2010 for VW TOURAN (1T1 1T2)
2010-2015 for VW TOURAN (1T3)

Condition: Brand New
Package Content: 1x compressor air conditioning