Chrome Plated Musical Loudest 3 Trumpet Train Air Horn 6 Tune With Wired Remote

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Horn install


Identify a suitable area for mounting, preferably an unobstructed sheet-metal surface like the frame or body of the vehicle so as to provide a firm platform which will help protect the horn from damage due to excessive shaking. Do not attach the horn to any plastic or other flexible material.

Using the bracket as a guide estimate and mark the positions for the holes and then perforate to size using a drill.

Use the mounting hardware to fasten the horn.


Locate the two wires in the air valves distribution block.

Connect the RED wire to the positive (+) terminal of the battery or alternator. WARNING: We highly recommend that you use a 10A fuse (not provided) to assure that the circuit remains safe and will not be damaged by excess current.

Connect the BLACK wire to ground, this can be an unpainted metal on the chassis of your vehicle.

Connect the wire harness to the 9-PIN connector located also in the air valves distribution block and then connect the other end to the control box.


To start using the musical horn set the vehicle's ignition to the ON position.

The 6 buttons in the control box are momentary switches, each one will produce a different tune while is pressed.

To stop the tune playback release the button.


Find a mounting location for the control box in which you will have access to the buttons and connector.

Product Specifics
Brand: ECCPP
Manufacturer Part Number: ECC16730701PP
Type: Horn
Horn Type: High Pressure Air
Features: Quick Release
Fitment Type: Direct Replacement
Mounting Hardware Included: Yes
Quantity: 1
Custom Bundle: No
Modified Item: No
Kit or Single Part: Kit
Interchange Part Number: Air Horn
Other Part Number: SUV Boat Motorcycle Truck Car Boat Horn
Superseded Part Number: 3 Trumpet Musical Horn
Horn Volt: DC 12V
Color: Silver
Surface Finish: Chrome
Material: Chrome
Weight: 4.2 lb
Package Size: 15.55"x11.81"x4.13"
DB Output: 150 DB
Make sure that the control wire harness can reach the connector in the horn.

Mount the unit on the location chosen using the small screws, washers and nuts.


Using the 1/4" OD air line, cut the size needed.

Push hose into the push to connect cross fitting located in the top of the horn.

Connect the other end of the air line to the fitting on your air supply.

If you need to disconnect the air line from the solenoid pull away the air line while pushing the plastic part of the pneumatic fitting.

This musical air horn will play eight different tunes. The Kit comes with three strong chrome look metal trumpets, 6-switch wired control box and mounting hardware. An on-board air system is required for operation. This kit has all the bells and whistles you would expect , and generates immediate attention.


Avoid dismantling this horn?? electrical elements.

Avoid touching compressor components with your bare hands immediately after or during use.

Avoid setting up any parts of the horn where there is a risk of falling off or risk of coming in contact with water.

Avoid reaching out to touch or pick up any fallen or water submerged parts.

Set the horn up for use only in areas with adequate ventilation.

Avoid sounding the air horn when in close range to your ear(s) or the ear(s) of others.

Make sure your battery ground is detached before getting your installation started.

Employ equipment for eye protection during drill operations.

Ensure that your air system has no pressure before starting the installation.

The specific voltage requirement for this horn is 12/24 volt DC, therefore installation must be done to a DC power source of 12/24 volts.