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Blow Off Valve Fiat Punto Evo 1.4 Multiair 500 135PS Adjustable BOV Laut-Leise

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Brief Overview:

- Optionally very loud or quiet

- Fully adjustable using a lever

- Pssshht - turbo hissing like from the film The Fast and the Furios or with racing cars

- Combined with additional performance

- For stock and tuned vehicles

-Suitable for this vehicle: Fiat Punto Evo 1.4 Multiair with 135PS

-Noticeably better response when accelerating

-Much faster boost pressure build-up when changing gears

-Better acceleration = more power

-More direct and aggressive throttle response

-Adjustable motorsport switching sound (3-stage)


Without a blow-off valve after the throttle has been removed, for example when switching, the throttle valve closes. The air flow, which is still in motion, hits the closed Dorsselklappe, reverses and flows in front of the rotating compressor wheel of the turbocharger. As a result, the turbocharger is braked sharply. Due to the abrupt braking of the turbocharger, the turbo has to be completely checked again when accelerating again that known turbo lag arises.

The built-in blow-off valve ensures that the air column is partially blown off. The air does not flow back fully, so the turbocharger continues to rotate freely. A renewed pressure build-up is thus shortened, since the turbocharger is already rotating at a certain speed and has to be accelerated less. When accelerating again, the vehicle responds faster when accelerating and the turbo lag is thus shortened.

Another advantage of a blow-off valve is the cooling of the charge air, since the blow-off valve blows out warm charge air and thus fresh, cooler air is compressed again. The thermal load is thus reduced by cooler and more powerful charge air.