Aluminum Radiator 02-03 Acura TL CL 3.2L V6 Fits CU2431 Fast

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-OE design to ensure exact fit, form and function for an easy drop-in installation;

-Built with high density multi-lowered fins for maximum cooling efficiency;

-ISO 9001 certified manufacturing plants;

-Direct Replacement;

-Improve Cooling Efficiency;

-100% Leak Tested;

-Plastic tanks with aluminum core;

-Built to strict quality control standards;

Product Specifics
Placement on Vehicle: Front
Warranty: 1 Year
Manufacturer Part Number: E05460501CP
Type: Radiator
Interchange Part Number: CU2431,2431
UPC: 606462291859
Brand: ECCPP
Fitment Type: Direct Replacement
Height: 15-3/4 In.
Width: 28-1/4 In.
Thickness: 5/8 In.
Weight: 9.8bs
Tank Material: Plastic
Core Material: Aluminum
Tank Materia: Plastic
Row: 1
Inlet Header: 28-15/16 In. x 1-5/16 In
Outlet Header: 28-15/16 In. x 1-5/16 In
Inlet: 1-1/4 In
Outlet: 1-1/4 In
How to clean radiator
1. Start the vehicle, to rise to normal temperature. Slowly open the tank cover, the fluid shake from the tank after filling the mouth, the cleaner can be mixed with any brand of coolant. Idle running not less than 15 minutes, not cleaning vehicles not less than 30 minutes for two years. And then discharge coolant, flush water tank, until out of clear water, suitable for any water cycle system.

2. After cleaning, after waiting for pipeline rehabilitation add fluid to water tank, and inject new coolant and water purification.

How to replace the radiator
1. Disconnect the battery.

2. Drain the radiator fluid into a suitable container.

3. Remove the old radiator
-Take off any plastic covers around the radiator.

-Disconnect the electrical connector to the fan, and unbolt and remove the fan assembly.

-Disconnect the radiator hoses from the radiator.

-Disconnect the transmission cooling lines from the bottom of the radiator.

-Remove any clamps, brackets, or screws holding the radiator inside its frame.

-Lift the radiator up and out of the car.

4. Install the new radiator
-Slide the new radiator into place.

-Connect any clamps or brackets that hold the radiator in place.

-Connect the transmission cooling lines carefully.

-Connect the engine cooling hoses to the radiator.

-Replace the fan and fan shroud.

-Reconnect the fan electrical connection.

-Replace the plastic covers.

5. Fill the radiator with fluid.

6. Check your work to make sure that there are no leaks.

(Tools need to be prepared: Screwdrivers, Wrenches, Drain pan)

Do please keep children and pets away when replacing the radiator)

1. Project operation, the vehicle normal temperature 60 to 80 degrees.

2. Add detergent if the tank is too full can take some antifreeze.

1pcs of brand new radiator