Adjustable Recirculating Blow Off Valve For Perrin 02-07 Subaru WRX + 04-18 STI

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WRX 2002-2018+

STi 2004-2018+

Forester 2005-2007


EPMAN is proud to introduce a new generation of "Push Type Floating Valve System Blow Off Valves". The Floating Valve design produces quicker valve response, increased valve travel, and improved resistance to premature valve lift and boost leak.

The floating valve design incorporates a revised adjustable spring system and diaphragm ventilation compared to competitors, while maintaining the advantages of other model's push valve structure and heat resistant silicone diaphragm and valve ratio.

This allows the spring and diaphragm to control the valve and boost better. By placing the spring over the valve, it makes the need for spring pre-load less dependent on idle and light boost situations and more on keeping the valve closed under boost. 

The result is our best performing iPR Blow-off Valve yet!  Another improvement includes an adjustable turning top hat to adjust the hose fitting location without complete dis-assembly. 


 1 x EPMAN recirculating blow off valve with bolt-on flange

1 x 1/4" Fuel Hose

1 x 1/2" Fuel Hose