Adjustable Electric 12V Radiator Fan Thermostat Control Relay Wire Kit Car Truck

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American Volt adjustable fan thermostat w/ stainless temperature probe sensor.
Probe measures liquid or contact temperature and sends power to the fan.
Flexible turn-on/turn-off temperature control range of 32-248'F (0-120'C).
3-pin design allows thermostat to be wired as a normally open OR closed circuit.
Probe can be mounted between radiator fins or inside inlet/outlet tube.
Turn-off temperature is always 15 degrees less than turn-on.
Thermostat dial has both Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature markings.
Capillary thermostat wire is 30 inches in length.
Detailed wiring instructions and diagram included in package.
Pair with one of our universal custom 12V electric cooling fans.
Professional installation is highly recommended
Instructions Included

Package includes:

1X Adjustable Thermostat Controller
1X Mounting Bracket
1X Turn Dial w/ Temp Markers
5X Mounting Screws
2X Butt Connectors
1X 30A Circuit Breaker
2X Female Connectors
1X 40A Auto Relay
1X Large Ring Terminal
3X Small Ring Terminals
1X Wiring Harness
Just as pictures show