4X 3-1/2" Stainless Steel T-Bolt Clamps Turbo Intake Silicone Hose Coulper Clamp

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Zinc Plated Nut
Clamp Range:95mm-103mm or3.74"-4.06"
This T-Bolt Clamp fits for 3-1/2"/89mm inner diameter silicone hose

How to choose T clamp (Important)

Calculate your hose Outside Diameter ,Such as,if your hose Inner Diameter is 57mm, then add your hose thickness, for example, your hose thickness is 5mm, then your hose Outside Diameter is=57+5*2=67mm,so you need to choose this clamp: clamp range from 63 to 71
The value of your hose Outside Diameter should be larger than the first value of the clamp range, less than the second.

T-Bolt Clamp description:

Material:301ss Stainless Steel
Band Width:" 19mm or 0.75"
Band Thickness:0.6mm