2X Go Kart Cogged Drive Belt 5959/203589 30-Series Most American Sportworks

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Replacing Drive Belts as a regular maintenance item is a good idea to prevent breaking one day leaving you stranded and with a loss.


2 X V-Belt


100% Brand New, Never Been Used
The go-kart drive belt used on most Manco, American Sportworks and Ken-bar Karts with 5hp-7hp engines
Also used on the Comet TAV2 bolt on Torque-Converter kit
Center to Center Spacing for the Driver and Driven Pulley needs to be Between 6 5/8" and 6 11/16"


Compatible with:

Fits American Sportworks Black Fox, Conquest, Fox 2x5, Fox LXT, Havoc, Red Fox LXT, Silver Fox, Vortex, Manco 285 and 286 Dingo, 485, 486, 606 Model Go Karts and more

100% Brand New
Professional Installation is Highly Recommended
Installation Instruction is NOT Included