20Feet 6AN Stainless Steel Braided Fuel Line + 10PCS Push Lock Fitting Hose End

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Universal Fit,This braided hose can be used in brake system, fuel pump, fuel
filter, oil return, fuel return system, turbo cooler system, and transmission
system, oil cooler kit, ect

Hose End Fitting Features:

1\. Each component is precision-machined to exact tolerances for trouble-free

2\. Removable head for push-on-lock.

3\. Polished and anodized for bright appearance 、Excellent insulationand
corrosion protection.

4\. New, CNC machined items.

5\. Easy assembly.

6\. Smooth flow design, reusable, lightweight.

7\. Made of High Quality Lightweight T-6061 Aluminum Material.

8\. No leakage under high pressure and temperature.

Braided Hose Features:

1\. This nylon braided hose consists of a synthetic-nitrile inner tube with a
partial stainless steel reinforcement inner braid. On top of that, there is a
heat resistant nylon sheathing (up to 150 degrees celcius). The nylon braided
hose is significantly lighter and more flexible than the stainless steel
braided version. Even better, the hose is designed to handle any fuel
(including ethanol and nitromethane), oil, or coolant. These features,
combined with its ease of assembly, make it the fastest growing choice of hose
products for racing and performance enthusiasts.

2\. The CPE gas line hose offers superior flexibility and bending with maximum
vacuum service.

3\. The 6AN fuel line is widely used in fuel system, transmission system,
cooler system and pump.

4\. Maximized Resistance to Heat, Corrosion and Abrasion.

Package Includes

1 x 20 Feet AN 6 Nylon- Stainless Steel Braided Fuel Hose
4 x AN6 Straight Push Lock Hose End
2 x 45° AN6 Push Lock Hose End
2 x 90° AN6 Push Lock Hose End
2 x 180° AN6 Push Lock Hose End
(You will get exactly the same as picture shows)

Replacement for cutting your new steel braided hose to length you will need:
Cutting wheel/ hack saw/ or steel braided hose cutters

Duct tape or electrical tape (work best)

Hose End Fitting installation:

1.Wrap electrical tape over the area to cut to ensure a nice clean cut and
prevent the braid from unravelling.

2.Clean cut the hose and clean away debris.

3.Fix the hose in a vise, and forcefully push the inverted tooth of the joint
into the hose.


Professional Installation is Highly Recommended.

Installation Instruction is NOT Included.

Fitting hose ends are not twist-lock.

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