2.75"X 7.25" Stainless Steel Double Braided 5"Flex Pipe Connector/Piping Repair

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An Exhaust System, which is 100% consisted of mandrel bent tubing can be the reason why a vehicle is so undesirably loud, especially when the Engine Shifts and shakes the whole Exhaust System. This significant problem, or an aged leaking pipe can be resolved or replaced by a minor installation of a Flex Pipe, at a very reasonable price. Also, the Flexible nature of a Flex Pipe explains the use of itself; while a Flex Pipe connects a Manifold and an Exhaust System or between parts of an Exhaust System, it can be a much cheaper alternative than requiring expensive bends


1 X Stainless Steel Flex Pipe Connector


Straight Piping Connector, Made of High Quality T304 Lightweight Welded Stainless Steel
Double Braided (Inner and Outer) with Stainless Steel Wires, Anodized Trumpet Opening, for Heavy Duty and Outstanding, Optimum Durability
Tightly Woven Interlock Braid Pattern for Reinforced Strength
Inlet/ Outlet Diameters (Fits over Pipes of 2.375" Diameter)): 2.75"/ 2.75"
Overall length (Including Extensions): 7.25"
Flex Length (Flex Portion): 5.25" (Flex Pipes are Supposed to be Measured from the Inside)
Prevents Complicate Welding Process


Universal Fitments

(Compatibility Chart is for Reference ONLY; This Flex Pipe is made for ALL 2.75” Pipings ONLY)