150PSI 1.5 Gallon Air Tank For Train Horns Compressor Air Ride Suspension

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The 1.5 gallon air tank has six 1 / 4 "NPT ports and has a capacity of 6L to withstand air pressures up to 150 psi. It can be used for air horn and many other air suspension applications requiring on-board air system. Made of precision welded steel, and anti-corrosion coating, which is non corrosive and offers maximum protection and durability. And it has a benefit by be not easy to leak and damage.


Product Specifics
Brand: ECCPP
Manufacturer Part Number: HK169896-2S01
Type: Horn
Part Type: Air Tank
Horn Type: High Pressure Air
Fitment Type: Direct Replacement
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year
Package Size(inch): 17.7*8.9*6.9
Package Weight: 8.65LB
Tank Capacity: 6L(1.5GAL)
Tank Capacity: 6L(1.5GAL)
Port: 6 Ports
Thread: 1/4" NPT
Working Voltage: 12 Volt
Tank Size: 16.9"(L)?5.7"(W)?7.3"(H)
Color: Black
Material: Metal
Max Working Pressure: 150 PSI
Install all fittings and accessories in the tank before pressurizing the tank.
Before assembly, use thread sealant on all fitting's threads, then use a wrench to tighten each part. IMPORTANT
Do not over tighten.

Tank must be drain frequently. Failure to remove condensation will cause the tank to rust sooner.

We recommend always to install a drain and safety valves in the tank.

Always depressurize the tank before servicing or adding accessories.

Do not use this tank as a breathing device.

Be sure to pump nothing other than atmospheric air.

It is important to determine the maximum air pressure for any tool or attachment before using it.

Make sure your battery ground is detached before you begin the installation.

Employ equipment for eye protection during drilling operations?.

Installation Tips
Find a convenient mounting location in your vehicle for the air tank. Ensure ports are reachable before drilling any holes.

Mark the location of holes using the mounting bracket of the air tank as a template, and then drill to size. Using mounting hardware provided, secure the air tank.

Do not mount on a flexible material. The installation location of your tank?? accessories depends on your air system?? configuration.

The package only contains an air tank and installation kits. The installation methods of other parts such as pressure switch and compressor can refer to the original vehicle installation method or professional installation.


Issue: Air horn is inaudible

Solution 1: Check all switches to make sure they are ON.

Solution 2: Assure air tank is pressurized.

Solution 3: Check the fuse; if blown, disconnect compressor from power and replace the fuse.

Solution 4: Examine electrical connection for damage or corrosion, secure electrical connections.

Issue: Loss of pressure of tank.

Solution 1: Tighten drain cock.

Solution 2: Examine air and check valves and replace if damaged or leaking.

Solution 3: Use soap and water solution on air connections and tank, and tighten connections or repair leaks where needed.

Issue: Excessive moisture in horn or safety valve (if installed).

Solution 1: Depressurize and drain the tank.

Solution 2: Relocate the compressor to a drier location

Included in this kit
1 * 1.5 Gallon air tank with 6 ports of 1/4" NPT

mounting hardware