1 Pcs Passenger Sides Rear Disc Brake Rotor compatible for BMW F31 F32 F33 F34 F36 LCI

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Compatible for BMW
420i xDrive (F36 LCI 2017-) 201701-Now 2.0T
420i (F33 2013-) 201311-Now 2.0T
420i (F36 2013-) 201311-Now 2.0T
425i (F33 LCI 2017-) 201701-Now 2.0T
425i (F32 LCI 2017-) 201701-Now 2.0T
425i (F36 LCI 2017-) 201701-Now 2.0T
GT320i(F34 2013-2016) 201306-201609 2.0T
328i(F30) 2012- 2.0T
328i(F31) 2013- 2.0T
330i(F31 LCI) 2015- 2.0T
428i xDrive(F33) 2013- 2.0T
428i xDrive(F32) 2013- 2.0T
428i xDrive(F36) 2013- 2.0T
428i(F33) 2013- 2.0T
428i(F32) 2013- 2.0T
428i(F36) 2013- 2.0T
430i xDrive(F33) 2016- 2.0T
430i xDrive(F32) 2016- 2.0T
430i(F33) 2013- 2.0T
430i(F33 LCI) 2017- 2.0T
430i(F32) 2016- 2.0T
430i(F32 LCI) 2017- 2.0T
430i(F36) 2016- 2.0T
430i(F36 LCI) 2017- 2.0T
GT328i xDrive(F34) 2012- 2.0T
GT328i(F34) 2012- 2.0T
GT330i xDrive M(F34 LCI) 2016- 2.0T
316i(F30) 2013-2015 1.6T
316i(F30 LCI) 2015- 1.6T
316Li(F35) 2014-2015 1.6T
316Li(F35 LCI) 2015- 1.6T
318i(F30 LCI) 2016- 1.5T
318Li(F35 LCI) 2016- 1.5T
320i(F30) 2013-2015 2.0T
320i(F30 LCI) 2015- 2.0T
320Li(F35) 2012-2015 2.0T
320Li(F35 LCI) 2015- 2.0T
328i xDrive(F30) 2013-2015 2.0T
328i xDrive(F30 LCI) 2015- 2.0T
328i(F30) 2013-2015 2.0T
328i(F30 LCI) 2015- 2.0T
328Li(F35) 2012-2015 2.0T
328Li(F35 LCI) 2015- 2.0T
330i(F30 LCI) 2016- 2.0T
330Li(F35 LCI) 2016- 2.0T
320Li xDrive(F35 LCI) 2016- 2.0T
328Li xDrive(F35) 2013-2015 2.0T
328Li xDrive(F35 LCI) 2015- 2.0T
330Li xDrive(F35 LCI) 2016- 2.0T
316i (F30 2013-2015) 201301-201509 1.6T
316i (F30 LCI 2015-) 201509-Now 1.6T
316Li(F35 2014-2015) 201408-201509 1.6T
316Li(F35 LCI 2015-) 201509-Now 1.6T
318i (F30 LCI 2016-) 201601-Now 1.5T
318Li(F35 LCI 2016-) 201601-Now 1.5T
GT320i(F34 LCI 2016-) 201605-Now 2.0T


Packing?1 * Passenger Side Brake Rotors
Accessories: You will get exactly as shown in the picture above
Condition: 100% brand new
Warranty: one year warranty for any manufacturing defect


- Quality Finish to proof rust and corrossion
- stainless steel drilled brake rotor
- Surface induction hardened with a 12-14% chrome content for better wear
- Characteristics and heat treated to relieve stress


- Please double confirm before ordering.
- No instruction included; Professional installation and alignment suggested.
- Please check our store for other auto parts you may be interested in.
- For any needs please contact us.